Authors Meetings

The preparation of the Global Environment Outlook 6 for Youth (GEO-6) involved various meetings to bring the authors together. The main objectives of the author meetings was to bring authors together to develop the drafts and address the comments from previous review processes. These meetings have also addressed issues on the structure and coherence across the different chapters. 

First Global Authors’ Meeting of the Sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) for Youth

First Authors’ Meeting of GEO-6 for Youth, will be conducted under the supervision of selected experts involved in the main global assessment process. This interaction with senior figures in the global science community is aimed to inspire the GEO-6 for Youth authors and introduce them to global science-policy processes and collaborative mechanisms in policy consensus building.

Second Author’s Meeting of the Global Environment Outlook for Youth

During this meeting, the GEO-6 for Youth authors will discuss the second order draft of the GEO for Youth report and address the feedback from the internal review process. The outcome of the meeting will be a complete second order draft of the chapters of the GEO for Youth report. The authors will also discuss the results of a global wide survey, launched in December 2018, which will be the main source of the final two chapters of the report.

Third Meeting of the Global Environment Outlook for Youth

The Third face-to-face meeting of the GEO for Youth authors was held at the Vienna International Centre, Wagramer Strasse 5, 1220 Vienna, Austria.

The Meeting Objectives were;

  • Reduce the amount of text in each chapter to about 5000 words, in order to ensure a concise and focused product.
  • Advance the chapters to their second order draft stage, including completed infographics, videos and other multimedia elements.
  • Develop a work plan for ensuring that the second order draft is fully completed by 3 weeks following the Vienna meeting.
  • Collaborate with other authors and the co-chairs to ensure links are made across the chapters to create a coherent narrative for the report.
  • Produce initial draft of the Executive Summary for whole report (1000 words).