Successful and Relevant

Thanks in large part to UN Environment’s work, most countries now have framework environmental legislation, regulations and standards, and strong public awareness of environmental issues.

  • Achieved positive results in promoting the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the UN system
  • Appreciated by NGOs for its funding support; provision of cost-free access to environmental information; provision of tools such as for environmental impact assessments; guidance on environmental issues; opportunities for South-South cooperation; and education and awareness-raising campaign support
  • Nearly eliminated the use of lead in fuel through the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles, saving $2.4 trillion in health costs and preventing 1.1. million deaths
  • Engaged over 66 partner countries through the En.Lighten Initiative, which will save over $7.5 billion and 35 million tonnes of CO2 annually
  • Facilitated global, regional and national policy-making Environmental Data Flows from 192 countries
  • Helped 140 countries, institutions and businesses improve management strategies and adopt sustainable production and consumption practices in global supply chains
  • Brought together more than 143 countries to protect their shared marine environment through the Regional Seas Programme
  • Supported 58 countries to enable different sectors to use an ecosystem approach
  • Engaged 25 institutional investors who have committed to fighting climate change and have pledged to decarbonize $600 billion worth of assets