China Trust Fund

In 2012, UN Environment and China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (China MEP) signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation. Its overall objective was to strengthen mutual support and to build the capacity of developing countries to address environmental issues, sustainably develop their economies and increase awareness of environmental challenges.

China MEP has since pledged $2 million annually to the China Trust Fund, which focuses on capacity building in African, ASEAN and Central Asian regions and South-South cooperation. The Trust Fund has the following priority areas:

Phase I: USD 2 Million annually 2013 – 2015

  • Optimal utilization of an ecosystems approach for the protection of biodiversity and human well-being

  • Promoting green economies

  • Implementing environmental obligations and achieving environmental goals through strengthened governance and institutions

  • Addressing environmental problems and compliance with the requirements of multilateral environmental agreements

Phase II: USD 2 Million annually 2016 – 2018

  • Sharing and exchange of theory and practice on green development and contributing to the progress in building a green Belt and Road

  • Building capacity to tackle water, air and soil-based pollution and reporting on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development

  • Capacity building programs on ecosystems and biodiversity in the ASEAN region and Mainland Southeast Asia

  • Establishing an institution for enhancing capacity and sharing best practices on the use of environmental technology

  • Fulfilling obligations set out in the multilateral environmental agreements on chemicals and provision of a platform for experience sharing and technology transfer


Knowledge Products and Resources: 

China Trust Fund Phase I Brochure (in English):

China Trust Fund Phase I Brochure (in Chinese):

China Trust Fund Phase II Brochure (in English)

China Trust Fund Phase II Brochure (in Chinese)