Программа ООН по окружающей среде
23 Sep 2019 News Изменение климата

Основные моменты ЮНЕП в ходе ГА ООН

Делегация ЮНЕП находится в Нью-Йорке, где обращает внимание на то, как правительства, гражданское общество, а также отдельные граждане могут и должны принимать амбициозные шаги в области окружающей среды, климата и ЦУР. На этой странице публикуются ежедневные обновления.

Информация о мероприятиях ЮНЕП, презентациях докладов, пресс-релизах и многом другом представлена на этой странице.

24 сен 2019 16:51

What is the climate leadership that inspires you?

Climate leadership is vital. A five-fold increase in climate action ambition and commitment will not necessarily be popular nor easy.  Those who hold the pen must dig deeper, fight harder and not just find their own way through but motivate others to do the same. What does it take? To find out we are asking inspiring leaders working in the climate space one simple question:  'What is The Climate Leadership That Inspires You'?

Read more

24 сен 2019 15:53

BreatheLife – A global campaign for clean air

The BreatheLife campaign is proud to welcome into its ranks seven new governments that have made fresh commitments to demonstrate their dedication to bringing air quality to safe levels by 2030 and collaborate on the clean air solutions that will help the world get there faster. Read more

24 сен 2019 13:53

New at UN Headquarters: Gandhi Solar Park and a green roof. A gift of India whose Prime Minister Narendra Modi was named UNEP Champion of the Earth in 2018


24 сен 2019 12:34

Ghanaian singer, songwriter, producer and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador is at the UN this week


24 сен 2019 11:36

Summit delivers major step up in national ambition and private sector actionon pathway to key 2020 climate deadline


24 сен 2019 10:35

Check out: The Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Manifesto -- now online

24 сен 2019 10:13

Actor, producer, entrepreneur, environmentalist and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza on the margins of the Climate Action Summit


24 сен 2019 09:05

UNEP Champion of the Earth and Goodwill Ambassador calls attention to sustainable energy and action on climate change


23 сен 2019 20:10

Inger Andersen at the high energy opening of Climate Action Summit


23 сен 2019 14:03

Climate & Clean Air Coalition

Inger Andersen says reducing short-lived climate pollutants leads to tangible benefits that we can immediately see.


23 сен 2019 14:02

Story: Climate connects everything

Climate change was top of the agenda at the Social Good Summit. Young thought leaders from all regions of the globe, including those honoured by the UN Environment Proramme (UNEP), spoke out on issues central to the climate crisis at the Social Good Summit. Read more

23 сен 2019 14:02

Fridays for Future received the 2019 Champions of the Earth award, the UN’s highest environmental honour.


23 сен 2019 14:01

Inger Andersen at the Unveling of #BreatheWithMe exhibit during #UNGA


23 сен 2019 12:48

Youth Climate Summit

Secretary General António Guterres and actor & UN Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher

Aidan Gallagher and UN Secretary-General António Guterres LIVE at the #UNGA

"What's important in life is to learn how to learn - to adapt to the circumstances we face and do what we believe is right."

UN Secretary-General António Guterres talks #ClimateAction, the power of youth and life lessons with UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Aidan Gallagher at the #UNGA in New York.

Posted by UN Environment Programme on Sunday, September 22, 2019