OzoNews, Volume XIX, 30 December 2019 issue

OzoNews,  Volume XIX, 30 December 2019 issue

In this issue: 1. Kigali Amendment latest ratifications 2. Sound Management of Refrigerants (SI), 6.5 PDHs, and Refrigerants Literacy (SI), 4.5 PDHs 3. Reduction in surface climate change achieved by the 1987 Montreal Protocol 4. 2019 Global status report for buildings and construction 5. Maldives and Sri Lanka upgrade RAC skills through the Refrigerant Driving License (RDL) Programme 6. En pleine expansion, la climatisation pose un défi majeur 7. Kyrgyzstan joins ozone-depleting substances movement agreement of The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) 8. R-22 Refrigerant phaseout arrives in 2020 - The move to ban R-22 refrigerant is nearly complete. What happens next? 9. Phasing out HCFC refrigerants to protect the ozone layer what you need to know when servicing or replacing an air conditioner in your home

Report of the 84th meeting of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, Montreal, Canada, 16 - 20 December 2019.