Programme of Work

The NOWPAP Programmes of Work (PoW) for the two-year cycle describes the approach to progressing towards Medium-term Strategy objectives. They set targets, indicators and activities as well as budgets for each biennial cycle. Biennial activities and budgets are based on recommendations made at the Focal Points Meetings of each RAC, held a year before the biennial cycle begins and are consequently approved by the NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM). The biennial programmes of work adopted by the IGM serve as a basis for detailing annual work programmes and budgets of RACs and the RCU. The RACs’ work plans will include responsibilities and major partners, budget allocation from the Trust Fund and external resources (where applicable) as well as specific performance indicators derived from the Biennial Programme of Work. Progress in implementation of the Biennial Programme of Work is reported annually and activities and budgets will be realigned or readjusted at the NOWPAP IGM. Monitoring and reporting on financing leveraged by RACs, RCU and other partners for the implementaiton of NOWPAP activities is reported annually at IGM.

Approved NOWPAP PoW for the last three bienniums are provided below.

NOWPAP PoW for 2014-2015

NOWPAP PoW for 2016-2017

NOWPAP PoW for 2018-2019