Biodiversity for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean through Ecosystem Based Management (EBM-DSS)

Main Goal

To build upon experiences gained in the Wider Caribbean Region from the implementation of two regional projects initiated in 2012 aimed to increase collaboration and application of Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) concepts and tools needed to protect coastal and marine biodiversity, in compliance with the five Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the  UN Sustainable Development Goal, in particularly 14, dedicated to the promotion of conservation and sustainable use of the oceans and marine resources that make the Earth habitable for human kind.


  1. Strengthen sub-regional collaboratively work towards application of EBM principles and tools need for improvement of the marine biodiversity.
  2. Advance the region’s marine protected areas (MPA) data compilation and analysis needed to provide better management and conservation recommendations utilizing best available science information.
  3. Develop institutional capacities through implementation of pilot projects demonstrating better responses to ecosystem threats due to climate change impacts or isolated management actions, thus advancing in developing of new EBM applications in the Caribbean region. 
  4. Use of innovative and effective education and communication strategies and tools needed to increase public support for develop more efficient conservation initiatives.
  5. Lead the integration and progressive implementation of existing sustainable fishing and conservation regional plans, with focus on two SPAW listed species.

Expected Outputs

  1. Strengthened at least two EBM regional nodes in the Caribbean.
  2. Quantitative improved of the CaMPAM MPA database.
  3. Completed at least two pilot projects to highlight recovery / better MPA management actions.
  4. Efficient education and communication strategies supportive of conservation policies and programs in place.
  5. Integrated conservation and Fishery management for at least two SPAW listed species.

Project Documents