Annual report

Share the road launches annual report 2017

10 May 2018

UN Environment Share the Road Programme has launched the Annual Report 2017 - Investing in people who walk and cycle. This annual report shares our progress in 2017 as we strive for a world where pedestrians and cyclists can travel to work, to school and beyond in safety.

Around the world, many people rely on walking and cycling to get around. Many more begin and end each trip on foot. Such affordable, people-powered transport offers huge social, economic and environmental benefits for urban and rural areas. But many of these people risk their lives every time they travel. More than a quarter of the people killed in road accidents are pedestrians; a number increasing steadily due to a tragic lack of investment. In fact, transport has hard-hitting consequences for everyone including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. For example, transport generates nearly a quarter of all carbon dioxide emissions and is the fastest growing contributor of greenhouse gases. It also feeds air pollution that is killing seven million people a year and increasing health problems like bronchitis, asthma, heart disease and brain damage.