Omer Badokhon


Regional Winner, West Asia

Biogas for all: Improving rural livelihoods with sustainable energy

Summary of Big Idea

The aim of this project is to improve the livelihoods of at least 1,500 rural households in Yemen through the deployment of small-scale biogas plants. The devices will be constructed locally under Omer’s guidance. Drawing from his engineering expertise, the devices will be designed to enable the rapid decomposition of organic waste thereby maximizing the amount of biogas produced. The project will help to solve three major problems in Yemen: (i) household organic waste, which emits significant amounts of methane gas and is a major contributor to climate change; and (ii) indoor air pollution which causes many people to die each year – in Yemen, over 3 million people still cook over open fires. Additionally, the project will (iii) help to reduce the incidence of certain diseases known to be spread or exacerbated by the dumping of organic waste, such as cholera which has affected nearly half a million Yemenis in 2017 alone. Thus Omer sees enormous potential for biogas production to contribute to economic development, energy security, public health, and environmental protection in Yemen and beyond.


I hold a degree in Chemical Engineering from Hadhramout University and am passionate about the environment and sustainable energy. As part of my degree I researched the production and purification of biogas from landfills to generate electricity. I am currently working with a non-governmental organization affiliated with the Green Projects Centre, to build prototypes and pilot the implementation of biogas plants. I also work with the Volunteers Foundation where I have fostered partnerships resulting in the Friends of the Environment Club which aims to raise community awareness promoting ideas for renewable energy and the preservation of the environment. I have dedicated myself to environmental protection, integrated development and biodiversity conservation in Yemen.

Omer Badokhon's Bio

24 years