Adam Dixon

United Kingdom

Regional Winner, Europe

Phytoponics: a hydroponic growing system for the commercial greenhouse

Summary of Big Idea

Phytoponics is a hydroponic growing system for the commercial greenhouse, offering the following unique advantages in the sector:

(i) Rapid Deployability: made from a flexible high tech polymer, our system rolls up compact, transports cheaply and installs fast - simply unroll, inflate, connect and grow;

(ii) Multi-crop: our design adapts to a wide range of crops with sizing options, from fodder, to tomato, to lettuce, to dragonfruit, all served by our automated multi-crop nutrient system which can serve up to 10 different nutrient mixtures at different temperatures at a low cost;

(iii) Profitable: lasting up to 10 years and costing USD 20,000 per year per hectare to supply, return on investment of 5-10 times are expected, with break even possible within 1 year; and

(iv) Deep Water Culture: higher reliability and productivity growing due to higher light tolerance, cooling efficiency and nutrient availability - with pathogen spread mitigated by sector separation and control.


I am a 25 year old entrepreneur and inventor. I come from an engineering education, and quit a PhD in design to work full time on developing Phytoponics. In just one year, I have built the company to achieve an evaluation of GBP 2 million and supply Europe's second largest producer of salad. What drives me is understanding why, and getting things done. I am inspired by learning from others. I believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to get things done and I love it.

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