Adjany Costa


Regional Winner, Africa

Community-based conservation

Summary of Big Idea

Passionate about the wilderness, I am committed to saving one of the world’s last wild places, the Okavango Basin. The Wildlife Protection through Community Based Natural Resource Management in Eastern Angola project is coupled with the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project and aims to develop a model for communities in one of the last wildlife hubs in Angola, as a tool to activate wildlife conservation, help protect one of the last wild places on earth and simultaneously help fight poverty. I strongly believe in coupling science, research and traditional knowledge to improve national policy making. Only this combination can achieve maximum protection of wildlife and natural resources through the improvement of the livelihoods of poor and remote rural communities. Unlike existing models, this will be tailored to the needs, believes, culture and aspirations of the local Luchaze people, where they will be part of the decision making and the structuring of the model.


With a Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation, I am pursuing my PhD activate conservation and tackle poverty simultaneously by creating a model tailored to the needs of the Local Luchaze people in the Angolan highlands.

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29 years

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