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Who we are

The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) is a platform for regional cooperation in protecting and enhancing the marine and coastal environment while promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.

In 1975, the Mediterranean States and the European Community approved the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) as the institutional framework for cooperation in addressing common challenges of environmental degradation. The MAP’s main objectives were to assist the Mediterranean Governments to assess and control marine pollution, to formulate their national environmental policies and to improve their capacities to identify better options for development and sound decision bases for the allocation of resources.

The MAP also provided the basis for the preparation of a framework Convention as well as related Protocols that provide a legal basis for cooperation in protecting the Mediterranean marine environment. The Barcelona Convention and its Protocols constitute the only regional multilateral legal framework for the protection of the Mediterranean marine and coastal environment.

Since the adoption of MAP phase II and the amendments to the Barcelona Convention in 1995 with the view to streamline and incorporate all Rio Principles and extend the geographical scope of the application of the Convention to cover the coastal zone, as well as its fields of action, the UNEP/MAP system has experienced additional important regulatory, legal and policy developments.

Planning and Programme of Work

In over 40 years of cooperation, the MAP system has successfully responded to evolving environmental challenges and new knowledge through a good understanding of the progress made towards accomplishing the common objectives and the accurate identification of areas requiring improved performance.

Activities carried out in the framework of the MAP and Barcelona Convention and its Protocols are planned based on an indicative programme that outlines the goals and expected outputs forecast for the following six years. The Contracting Parties review and revise the six-year programme, to ensure its effectiveness and relevance, considering the interim results and status of implementation submitted by the MAP Secretariat as well as the results of State of the Environment (SoE) and compliance monitoring exercises.

Each Meeting of the Contracting Parties also adopts a detailed two-year Programme of Work and corresponding Budget, specifying the actions that will be undertaken in the following biennium. The Programme of Work is implemented through assessed contributions provided by the Contracting Parties and additional voluntary resources provided in support to specific projects and activities.

The MAP Programme of Work is designed to facilitate and promote the full implementation of the Barcelona Convention, its Protocols and Strategies, as well as the Decisions and Recommendations adopted by the Meetings of the Contracting Parties. The Programme of Work is prepared and implemented by the MAP Coordinating Unit with the assistance of the Regional Activity Centres.