The H2020 Initiative

The "Horizon 2020 Initiative" aims to de-pollute the Mediterranean by the year 2020 by tackling the sources of pollution that account for around 80% of the overall pollution of the Mediterranean Sea: municipal waste, urban waste water and industrial pollution.

The initiative was endorsed during the Environment Ministerial Conference held in Cairo in November 2006 and is now one of the key initiatives endorsed by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) at its launch in Paris in 2008.

Horizon 2020 builds on existing institutions, initiatives and results, filling gaps where it could bring added value. It operates within the framework of existing and developing policy instruments, and supports the implementation of the commitments undertaken in the framework of the Barcelona Convention: MAP's Strategic Action Programme (SAP) to address pollution from land-based activities (SAP MED); the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), launched by the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development (MCSD) established under the United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP).

The H2020 relies on and supports the implementation of National Action Plans (NAPs) developed and agreed in the framework of UNEP/MAP - Barcelona Convention. To implement and monitor actions three working groups were created to address Pollution Reduction and Prevention Investment (PRPI); Capacity Building (CB) for achieving H2020 objectives; and Review and Monitoring (RM). UNEP/MAP is co-chairing the two latter.


The EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (EU MSFD) aims to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) of the EU's marine waters by 2020 and to protect the resource base upon which marine-related economic and social activities depend.

The implementation of the EU MSFD is coordinated by a solid mechanism established under the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS). UNEP/MAP is fully associated as observer to CIS and the work of several working groups, established for the purpose.

UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention aims to achieve the Good Environmental Status of the Mediterranean Sea and Coast, through the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach. Therefore, every effort has been made to ensure harmonization and strengthened synergies between UNEP/MAP – Barcelona Convention and SMFD.