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This section provides access to resources for representatives of the Contracting Parties, the media and members of the public. It provides quick access to:

  • the online reporting system under the Barcelona Convention (BCRS) pursuant to Article 26 of the Convention;
  • the thematic information and databases as well as data sharing platforms (INFO/MAP) maintained by the MAP Regional Activity Centre for Information and Communication (INFO/RAC);
  • the IMAP Infosystem established in line with the principle of a Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) to support data collection and reporting from the implementation of national Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programmes (IMAPs) and preparation of Quality Status Reports;
  • UNEP/MAP publications, ranging from assessments and studies to reports on specific themes. Publications are produced by the UNEP/MAP Coordinating Unit and the MAP system components, including MED POL and the Regional Activity Centres, to share knowledge, lessons learned from projects and insights into trends observed in the Mediterranean region.