Take action

Are bananas going brown before you even have time to eat them? Are you throwing out uneaten leftovers at the end of the week? Do you accidentally cook three times the amount of rice or pasta that you actually need? When our behaviour leads to food waste, we are also wasting our money and the planet’s resources.

To reduce our ‘foodprint’, we all need to take action in our homes, supermarkets, and communities. When we think about how we buy, prepare, and dispose of food, we can identify ways to reduce the food we send to waste.

Eating ugly fruits and veggies or getting creative with recipes can ensure no food is wasted. We can save food by eating our leftovers every week and storing food properly. It’s time to think, eat, save, take action and NotWaste!

A few small changes can add up in a big way to reduce food waste. Saving food is good for your wallet and good for our planet. From the shopping cart to the freezer to the trash bin, everyone can take action today to reduce their ‘foodprint’!

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Take action