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The Private Sector Unit at the UN Environment Programme is committed to engage with business and industry to find out how we can work together and generate a common purpose for sustainable development.

This section provides business and industry with further information on the modalities and practicalities of engaging with and within UN Environment Programme.

Engagement Modalities

Sustainable Innovation Expo: The Sustainable Innovation Expo 2020 (SIE 2020) will be a three-day event rolled out in the context of the fifth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA5). As the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment, UNEA addresses the critical environmental challenges and solutions of the world today. Understanding these challenges and preserving and rehabilitating our environment is at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The UN Environment Assembly meets biennially to set priorities for global environmental policies and develops international environmental law. UNEA is a unique opportunity to meet policymakers and key players in the environmental arena. Let your company have a seat at this high-level meeting and be a part of the discussion on innovations and technologies for our greatest environmental challenges. For more information click here.

Consultative Roundtables: Join our global and interactive Consultative Roundtables that bring together stakeholders from science, policy and business to discuss our most pressing global environmental challenges and find solutions.

Information Dissemination Read the reports generated by the UN Environment Programme and spread the voice for the environment.

Public Events, Training and Campaigns in which the private sector entity takes a moderately more active role by co-organizing a workshop/seminar/campaign/other aiming to increase awareness/capacity building on matters related to sustainability.

Open Networks and Policy Discussion, this level of engagement includes engaging with the private sector in open networks (no membership restrictions), one-off meetings and public processes hosted or convened by UNEP.

Multi-stakeholder Fora (Networks and Platforms) often focus on a specific topic or aim to develop a specific industry through multi-stakeholder interaction, normally convened for a longer-term and aim to provide private sector entities with access to multi-stakeholders networks and peers. The goal is to share best practices amongst participants and provide them with active opportunities to contribute to developing a common framework, principles or guidelines that can set the future direction for a specific industry.

Partnerships, Alliances and Transactions based on close, active approaches to working together with a private sector entity or coalition of entities to reach specific goals in which all parties agree to invest resources (e.g. time, knowledge and expertise, research and technological development, funding and core assets). They can also be specific financial transactions, deals between the public and private sector where UNEP plays a broker role.

Sponsorships: private sector contributions can be targeted towards specific projects and programmes. Financial contributions are aimed to support the United Nations Environment Programme’s programmes and projects through identified areas of engagement. Become part of the solution to the climate crisis by investing in our projects (e.g.: Young Champions of the Earth)

Join our Platforms

In order to build up on existing efforts and lessons learned across industries and sectors, the UN Environment Programme promotes private sector agents to jump into existing platforms, partnerships, alliances and networks in order to set and being capable of achieving more ambitious goals at a faster pace, capitalizing strengths through actors surrounding certain industry or issue. Take your share in our global actions now:





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Other industries


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If you think you can make it more sustainable or just want to hear a little bit more of what UN Environment Programme can bring to the table, drop your information here and we will reach out to you.