Prospective partners

From large to small and medium-sized enterprises, from goods producers to service providers; from the metropoles to the farmlands, if we want to create a sustainable environment for future generations, we must act NOW.

Why partner with us? UN Environment Programme is the voice of the environment on the multilateral stage. With 193 member States, UNEP convenes all governments and major groups and stakeholders, including businesses, to find solutions to our planet’s greatest environmental challenges. .The private sector is a driver to the most cited environmental realities such as climate change, land degradation, loss of biodiversity and generation of plastic waste and also part of the solution.

The results of our engagement with the private sector will:

  • Generate smart policies to protect the environment while enabling businesses with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and data tailored to meet their needs and targeted advocacy to promote a change in consumer behaviour.
  • Promote collaboration and joint ventures that are driven by the urgency to transform entire industries and sectors, helping private sector entities redesign their operations and business models.
  • Share knowledge, spread best practices, accelerate and scale-up innovations and targeted advocacy to promote extensive cultural change amongst producers and consumers.
  • Through collaboration with the financial sector to co-finance, re-direct financial flows and catalyze investments into solutions for climate, environment and underserved markets.

What does it take to become a partner?

A positive attitude and willingness to improve the sustainability standards of your company and walk the talk towards sustainability.

For example, would you green your supply chains, lower your carbon footprint and emissions?; Will your business be willing to switch from conventional plastics to alternative reusable sources when serving drinks or food to your customers? Could your industry transform waste into energy? Can you responsibly source the cotton, wood, wheat and corn you use?

We also have room for bilateral agreements with pre-identified areas of cooperation within UNEP’s Programme of Work.

Is there a fee to become a partner? There’s no charge to partner but UN Environment Programme wants your commitment and action to make transformation.

UN Environment Programme also has membership-based fora, initiatives, networks and platforms that you can join, they have a small fee to bare operational costs. Check out: UNEP Finance Initiative, Green Industry Platform and many others.

There are also opportunities to finance specific programmes or projects and support UN Environment Programme on its mandate.

It doesn't have to happen overnight, but it is important that together we identify areas of improvement and start implementing sound and sustainable business choices

Investing in the health of our planet, is investing the markets of today and the future.