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Bringing environmental protection nearer to the people 

Environmental rights have grown more rapidly than any other human right.Tragically, though the right to a healthy environment is enshrined in over 100 constitutions, four people are killed a week protecting this right- while many more are harassed, intimidated and forced from their lands. Around 40 - 50 percent of the 197 environmental defenders killed in 2016 came from indigenous and local communities. Women environmental defenders are especially vulnerable.

UN Environment  supports the upholding of environmental rights through The Environmental Rights Initiative; which is a coalition of state and non-state actors united to promote, protect, and respect environmental rights.

What are Environmental Rights?

Who are Environmental Defenders?

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In Environmental rights and governance

Environmental Rights Initiative - Ujumbe wa video wa David Boyd

Mnamo Septemba mwaka wa 2018, David R. Boyd, mjumbe maalum wa haki za binadamu na mazingira atoa ujumbe wa video kwa mradi wa Environmental Rights Initiative nchini Brazil.




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