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Our Climate Initiatives Platform showcases and tracks climate initiatives driven by non-state actors such as business, cities and regions. These actors are important in the delivery of the Paris Agreement. By providing open source data on more than 200 important cooperative climate initiatives UN Environment aims to scale up action from both state and non-state actors. 

Our Platform has now been improved and is available. All the 77 International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) in NAZCA are now included. The Platform now contains 230 International Cooperative Initiatives and is now a data provider to the UNFCCC NAZCA platform, the Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action.  

If you are the Focal point/Secretariat of an ICI, you can now register and get a password to update your page in the Climate Initiatives Platform.

For more information, please contact Joergen Fenhann: [email protected] / +45 4020 2789

In Climate change