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Improving sustainable institutional and regulatory framework for chemicals and waste management throughout their lifecycle in the Republic of Moldova

Project Summary

The project aims to improve the sustainable institutional and regulatory framework for sound management of chemicals and waste throughout their lifecycle in Moldova. This will be achieved by reinforcing and strengthening the national chemicals and waste coordination mechanism as well as promoting the adoption and enforcement of the waste and chemicals secondary legislation. In addition, training will be carried out for relevant stakeholders with the view to ensuring the effective implementation of the Basel Convention and improving the country’s reporting obligation under Basel and Stockholm Conventions.

Project Objectives

The project will undertake the following measures to strengthen the legal and institutional frameworks for Sound Management of Chemicals:

  • Comprehensive gap analysis and strengthen institutional coordination of applying a shared competency approach and development of the mandate of the National Coordination Mechanism for waste and chemicals management;
  • Updated national chemicals management profile;
  • Development of the regulatory frameworks on chemicals
  • Improvement of country’s reporting under the chemicals and waste under the Basel and Stockholm Conventions;
  • Establishment of a Chemicals Registry (technical concept and software);
  • Training program for the private sector on EPR/Chemicals registry and PIC/Basel regulations
  • Capacity building activities on environmental risk assessment at national level.

Project Details

  • Party: Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Minamata
  • Country Classification: Country with economy in transition
  • Special Programme Trust Fund: USD 218,190
  • Cofinancing Total: USD 82,000
  • Project duration: 24 months
In Chemicals & waste