Toolkits, manuals and guides

InforMEA Initiative


InforMEA allows easy access and navigation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and international environmental law.

InforMEA offers:

  • A Keyword search facility covering  
    • Treaty Texts and over 10,000 governing body decisions (“soft law”)
    • Internationally agreed Goals and Targets including the SDGs
    • 0ver 100,000 pieces of national legislation and jurisprudence (powered by ECOLEX)
  • A Learning section with 25 free online courses supporting 5000 learners from 190 countries
  • Party Profiles including national focal points and experts, national reports and action plans
  • Treaty Profiles with texts, governing body decisions, ratification and implementation status
  • A Thesaurus with definitions and relationships of key concepts of Environmental Law
  • A Goals section showing the collective contribution by MEAs to internationally agreed goals

The InforMEA Project is facilitated by UN Environment, financially supported by the European Union and steered by the InforMEA Initiative which brings together 20 Secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and interested Partners, co-chaired jointly by UN Environment together with the CITES Secretariat (Trade in Wildlife)

MEAs include: Basel, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata (Chemicals and Wastes); CBD(Biodiversity); CITES (Trade in Wildlife); ITPR-FA (Plants); Vienna (Ozone); Ramsar (Wetlands); UNESCO-WHC (World Heritage); UNCCD (Deserts); UNFCCC (Climate Change); 5 UNECE Conventions and a number of regional conventions.