GEO-6: Global Environment Outlook: Regional assessment for West Asia

16 September 2017

In this assessment, the UNEP Secretariat and the authors provide an objective evaluation and analysis designed to support environmental decision making. Expert judgment is applied to existing knowledge to provide scientifically credible answers to policy-relevant questions.

Environmental governance is the mechanism through which peace and resilience can be realized in West Asia. Good governance implies that issues such as conflict resolution, food, water and energy are examined in a holistic framework. Economic, social and environmental spheres must be integrated into a multi-sectoral policy design within the goals of sustainable development.

Sustainable growth in the economies of West Asia will enable progress on food security, sustainable water sources, reduced vulnerability to natural and man-made disasters, reduced risks of climate change, permanent energy solutions and conservation of natural resources. The outlook calls for concerted efforts by governments, civil society and the private sector in West Asia to address environmental challenges in the region.