Costs of Inaction Initiative

The Cost of Inaction on the Sound Management of Chemicals provides a practical and useful assessment of the current state of knowledge of the economic costs of inaction on the sound management of chemicals. It makes available early research findings and the evidence needed to support the argument for enhanced political actions. This report on the “Costs of Inaction on the Sound Management of Chemicals” shows that these costs – borne by all segments of society, including business, from the production, use, and disposal of harmful chemicals – are too high. To reduce these costs and more effectively achieve national development planning goals, improvements in chemicals management are required.     

The Costs of Inaction, published in February 2013, includes an extensive literary review in order to identify economic information on the health, environmental, and development planning effects of harmful chemicals.  Chemicals reviewed within the scope of study include commodity, high production volume (HPV), industrial, specialty, minerals and metals, agricultural, household chemicals and pharmaceuticals.