2017 Update on the Global Status of Legal Limits on Lead in Paint

30 September 2017

Lead is a cumulative toxicant that poses serious risks to human health and development, with children being especially vulnerable. Lead - containing paint remains one of the major sources of lead exposure for children globally. The international community, governments, industry and non - governmental organizations are working together to promote the establishment of lead paint laws in all countries.

As of 31 August 2017, 67 countries have legally binding controls to limit the production, import and sale of lead paints, which is 34.7 percent of all countries (see page 5 for a list of countries by UN Environment Region). Thus there are still many countries where using lead paint in homes and schools is not prohibited, creating a significant risk of children ’ s exposure to lead. Countries that have not yet done so are urged to enact and enforce effective national legislation, regulations and/or standards to, at a minimum, stop the manufacture, import and sale of household decorative lead paints. Countries are also encouraged to consider limiting lead in all types of paints.