Other evaluation reports/documents

GEO-6 Funders and Partners

Producing an assessment of this scale requires many generous contributions. The following organizations provided funding directly or indirectly to the sixth Global Environment Outlook: The Government of Norway, the European Union, the Governments of Italy, Singapore, China, Mexico, Switzerland, Denmark, Egypt and Thailand. Together with UN Environment’s Environment Fund and Regular Budget, these contributions allowed for the production of GEO-6 and its accompanying Summary for Policymakers, as well as subsequent outreach activities.

GEO-6 also benefited from the generous contributions of several partners, including: GRID-Arendal, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC), The Centre for Environment and Development in the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE), The Big Earth Data Science Engineering Program (CASEarth), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), the Freie Universität Berlin and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).