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Future of GEO Steering Committee Meeting Summaries

29 November 2019

In accordance with resolution 23 of the fourth UN Environment Assembly (UNEP/EA.4/RES.23) a Steering Committee of experts from Member States has been formed to oversee and manage the production of an options paper and conduct broad consultations on the future of the Global Environment Outlook process.  The work of this Committee began July 24, 2019 with its first virtual meeting and will continue until the fifth UN Environment Assembly.  It is anticipated that monthly virtual meetings of the Committee will need to be organized to ensure the objectives of RES.23 are met. 

In line with the recommendations of the UN’s Environmental Management Group and UNEP policy, travel to meetings should be avoided if virtual meeting facilities will serve the same purpose and achieve adequate results as a face-to-face meeting.  For this reason, UNEP uses several virtual meeting platforms and has developed some basic procedures to ensure these virtual meetings are as effective and efficient as possible.  Summaries of these virtual meetings are provided in the links.