Global Environment Outlook 6 for Youth

01 December 2018

GEO-6 for Youth is a project set up by and for youth. Our aim is to translate high-level, scientific messages on the state of the environment to the youth, define how to create and access sustainable jobs for the future and identify daily actions that can lead to a sustainable change. It is meant to stimulate dialogue within the youth community on environmental themes and issues, as well as to educate and provide capacity-building tools to foster active youth commitment for achieving sustainable development. Engaging multimedia content and interactive features will be included in the e-book version of the report. Several case studies and interviews appear in the report, including small-scale, community-led projects and individual guides to green jobs and daily sustainable actions. More than 30 young authors from different parts of the world worked on the report. 

GEO-6 for Youth is a one-stop-shop for a young person to understand the state of the environment, what can be done every day and how to choose a sustainable career. GEO-6 for Youth is here to help understand the issue, but most importantly show how the youth have the power to bring about transformative change but there is a need to act now!

GEO for Youth is a derivative product of the Sixth Edition of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6), the UN Environment's flagship report, which outlines the current state of the environment, illustrates possible future environmental trends and analyses the effectiveness of policies. This report shows how governments can put the world on the path to a truly sustainable future. It emphasizes that urgent and inclusive action is needed by decision makers at all levels to achieve a healthy planet with healthy people. The report will be launched in early 2020.