Future of GEO

The ‘Future of GEO’ process, launched at the fourth United Nations Environment Assembly through UNEP/EA.4/RES.23 is initiated to develop various options for the future of the Global Environment Outlook. This process will deliver these options, and likely a recommendation, to the fifth UN Environment Assembly in February, 2021. In developing these options, the Steering Committee, which was formed to oversee and manage the Future of GEO process. The leadership of the Steering Committee is as follows;

Co- chairs: Ivar Andreas Baste (Norway) and Suzan Alajjawi (Bahrain)

Vice-chairs: Jerome Sebadduka Lugumira (Uganda) and Toral Patel-Weynand (USA)

Rapporteur: Rafael Monge Vargas (Costa Rica)

The Steering Committee will consider a number of issues. Among these are:

  • What is the current and desired function of GEO in the overall landscape of processes for keeping the world environment situation under review?
    • What is the desired overarching purpose of the GEO?
    • Where does GEO fit within the overall environmental assessment landscape?
    • What is GEOs role in capacity building, policy support and knowledge generation?
  • Based on the desired purpose and function of GEO, what is the best form that it can take?
    • Based upon that form, which environmental policy processes or which Multilateral Agreements can GEO be linked to?
    • How can GEO take advantage of new presentation platforms and new data platforms in order to enhance continuity as well as its relevance and usefulness to policy makers?
    • What structures, processes, codifications and administrative arrangements are needed to achieve the desired function and form?