GEO-6 Outreach

Assessing and reporting on the state of the world’s environment is a fundamental mandate of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The Global Environment Outlook (GEO) process emerged out of this mandate. It is a consultative, participatory process with a strong element of capacity building for global environmental assessments aimed at the interaction between science and policy decision-makers. Meeting user needs cuts across all elements of the Global Environment Outlook outcomes. To meet user needs and in response to Governing Council decisions and Agenda 21, since the inception of the Global Environment Outlook in 1995, the process has been expanded, refined and applied to a wide range of different products and audiences resulting in a family of reports and publications and various events.

The specialized reports to be produced from the sixth Global Environment Outlook (so-called derivative products) build on the findings of UN Environment Global Environment Outlook report  and provide scientific analysis on the environment and the implications for various stakeholders such as businesses, local governments, policy makers and the youth in different outreach events aimed at strengthening the Science-Policy Interface and creating greater impact for the Global Environment Outlook.