Karry Wang

Singer and actor, Founder of Kindle Blue Foundation, UN Environment National Goodwill Ambassador


“We youth have the responsibility to protect our environment and secure our future, and I am looking forward to learn from and work with the UN family on key environmental issues. Youth are no longer merely onlookers when it comes to environmental action, nor should they be. I will spare no effort to do everything I can to take care of our earth, and I invite everyone to join me in generating a wave of positive action.”  ----- Karry Wang

Wang Junkai, born 21 September 1999, also known as Karry Wang, is a Chinese singer and actor with more than 40 million followers. He was a trainee of TF Family since 2010, and debuted as the leader of TFBoys in 2013. He is one of China’s wealthiest people born after 1990, with a personal net worth of 248 million yuan (US$36 million). In 2017, he was enrolled into the Beijing Film Academy.

Karry Wang worked as an advocate for UN Environment #wildforlife before appointed as national Goodwill Ambassador.

He attributes his popularity to the singing skills, positive energy and boy-next-door image. On his 18th birthday, Wang announced the set up his own charity foundation - Kindle Blue Fund which focus on youth innovation. It‘s a charm that he has worked wonders in encouraging fans to take care others and contribute to charity.

In 2015, Wang entered the Guinness World Record for the single most retweets post on Weibo, China's answer to Twitter, for a video of him singing on his 15th birthday was shared over 42 million times. Two years on it's now smashed that record, having been shared an enormous 350 million times. His daily post was forwarded on an average of over 5 million time, ranking the first in Weibo record.

On 15 December 2017, Karry Wang won Entertainer of the Year 2017 in China News Weekly. Two weeks later, Karry Wang was selected as The Face of 2017 by people magazine. He is the youngest person to be elected for both awards.  In both the Male Talent Heat rank and Male Singer rank in 2017, Karry Wang is ranking the top 1.

His legion of fans is growing outside China and is making positive impact on the views. In 2016he made his film debut in the fantasy adventure film The Great Wall directed by famous Chinese directed Zhang Yimou. American actor Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal also star with Wang Junkai in the film. Wang was invited to New York Comic Con at Madison Square Garden in New York for a panel discussion. Before making his international debut at 2016 New York Comic Con, the teenage idol astonished New Yorkers with his superstar charisma and his fans' enthusiasm.

And while he popularity overseas remains greatest in Southeast Asia, he has even penetrated the West, his images adorning New York City’s Times Square – a byword for American fame and fortune – on no less than three occasions. Even in Iceland, the leading newspaper Morgunblaðið celebrated his 17th birthday last year with a half-page.

In November 24, 2017, Karry Wang talked with the greatest physicist Stephen William Hocking about Human future. Kindle Blue Fund officially become the NEXT IDEA youth creative support team launched by Tencent group. It works with millions of people in the world to focus on Youth Innovative Talents Programs in art and technology field, and creates more imaginations for Chinese youth.

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