Karry Wang

Singer-songwriter, National Goodwill Ambassador - China


“We youth have the responsibility to protect our environment and secure our future, and I am looking forward to learn from and work with the UN family on key environmental issues. Youth are no longer merely onlookers when it comes to environmental action, nor should they be. I will spare no effort to do everything I can to take care of our Earth, and I invite everyone to join me in generating a wave of positive action.” 

Wang Junkaialso known as Karry Wang, is a singer and actor with more than 40 million followers in China and abroad. Wang worked as an advocate for UN Environment Programme’s Wild for Life campaign before being appointed National Goodwill Ambassador for China. He attributes his popularity to the singing skills, positive energy and boy-next-door image. On his 18th birthday, Wang announced the set up his own charity foundation—Kindle Blue Fund which focuses on youth-led innovation.

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