David Jensen

Head of Environmental Cooperation for Peacebuilding Programme


"David Jensen has over 15 years of experience in assessing and addressing natural resources, conflict and peacebuilding. He has worked for UN Environment as a senior expert on a range of different crisis response operations including the Balkans, Iraq, DR Congo, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone and Côte d’Ivoire.

Since 2008, David has managed UN Environment’s Environmental Cooperation for Peacebuilding programme. The ECP programme aims to strengthen the capacity of countries, regional organizations, UN entities and civil society to understand and respond to the conflict risks and peacebuilding opportunities presented by natural resources and the environment. Jensen has also spearheaded the development of six flagship policy reports that analyse the role of natural resources across the entire conflict cycle. The work is the foundation of a new knowledge platform and community of practice (www.environmentalpeacebuilding), and has been featured on TEDx. In 2015, David’s programme teamed up with the World Bank to develop the MAP-X Partnership. MAP-X is a global web platform (www.mapx.io) designed to strengthen transparency and access to authoritative information on the financial, social and environmental performance of the extractive industries.

A Canadian national from Victoria, British Columbia, David began his career with the Canadian government at the federal, provincial and district levels. His initial work focused on sustainable forest management and land use planning (Environment Canada, British Columbia Ministry of Forests) as well as on the negotiation of land claims with First Nations (British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs). Jensen holds a MSc in Biology from Oxford University (UK) and an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Victoria (Canada). "

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