GWP-ODP calculator

GWP-ODP Calculator

GWP-ODP Calculator

To select the appropriate calculator, firstly select the substance type, either Single Component Substances or Refrigerant Mixtures/Blends (e.g. R-400 and R-500 series).

Slide the switch to use kg or tonnes.

For single component substances , to convert between metric tonnes, ODP tonnes and CO2-equivalent tonnes (or kg), simply select a substance from the dropdown list and enter the known value in the appropriate field (if the substance has a GWP or an ODP of zero the relevant field is blocked).

The calculator will automatically perform the conversion between metric tonnes, ODP tonnes and/or CO2-equivalent tonnes (or kg) and display the equivalent converted values.

For Refrigerant Mixtures/Blends , simply select the name of the blend from the dropdown list and enter the quantity. The calculator will display the corresponding total ODP tonnes and CO2-eq tonnes for that quantity of substance.

The components of the mixture and their relative proportions (metric, ODP, CO2-eq) are also displayed.

The ODP, GWP and description of substance is also provided.

The OzonAction GWP-ODP Calculator uses standard ODP values and GWP values to make the conversions. Please see Note on ODP and GWP values for more information.