2018 NOWPAP ICC and Joint NOWPAP-TEMM Marine Litter Management Workshop

June 4, 2018 to June 5, 2018
Marine litter

2018 NOWPAP-TEMM Joint Workshop on Marine Litter Management

Busan (Republic of Korea), 4 June 2018

Report of the Meeting:

UNEP/NOWPAP/ 2018 NOWPAP-TEMM Joint Workshop on Marine Litter Management

Presentation Materials:

Derelict Oyster Farming Gear - Chieko Azuma - JEAN

Assessment of the Risks of Marine Pollution from the Fishing Industry in the Russian NOWPAP Sector - Dariya Zadoya - Department of Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Joanna Toole FAO Presentation - Joanna Toole - FAO

Asia-Pacific Civil Forum on Marine Litter: Civil Societies' Effort to Reduce Global Impact - Jongmyoung Lee - OSEAN

Progress in Addressing Marine Litter in Japan - Kanako Sato - Office of Marine Environment of Ministry of the Environment

UNEP Efforts to Combat Marine Litter - Lev Neretin - NOWPAP RCU

Fishing Activities Gears Fishermen Fishing Industry of Bangladesh - Muntasir Mamun - Kewkradong Bangladesh

Vietnam Local Actions to Address Marine Litter - Nguyen Thi Thu Trang - GreenHub

River Discharge as a Source of Microplastic Pollution in the Peter the Great Gulf (Northwest Pacific Russia) - Nikolai Kozlovskii - POMRAC

Fisheries and Aquaculture - An Overlooked Sector in the Marine Litter Challenge? - Peter J Kershaw - GESAMP

Marine Litter Management in China - QingJia Meng - CRAES

Progress on Cooperation on Marine Litter Within the Framework of TEMM - Sang-Soon Myung - MOF, Republic of Korea

Central and Local Government's Efforts in Russian Federation - Sergey Moninets - Maritime State University

Promoting China-Japan-Korea Cooperation - Wandi Huang & Marina Sakai - TCS

Progress in Addressing Marine Litter in Korea - Woo-Rak Suh - KOEM

Introduction of the Experience from YSLME on Marine Litter - Zhengguang Zhu - YSLME