2017 NOWPAP ICC and Joint NOWPAP-TEMM Marine Litter Management Workshop

September 19, 2017 to September 20, 2017
Marine litter

NOWPAP-TEMM Joint Workshop on Marine Litter Management and 2017 NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)

Toyama (Japan), 19-20 September 2017

Presentation Materials

Securing Ecosystem Health of YSLME: UNDP/GEF Approaches to Support Marine Litter Management - Interim YSLME Commission Secretariat - UNDP/GEF Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME) 

The effort of Japanese NGO in addressing marine litter, including microplastics - Hiroshi Kaneko - JEAN

Sources of microplastic pollution in the Peter the Great Gulf Nikolai Kozolovskii - NOWPAP POMRAC

Progress in Addressing Marine Litter in China - Ruizhi Liu - NOWPAP ML FP of China

Progress in Addressing Marine Litter in Japan: Efforts to Combat Marine Litter in Japan - n/a - Ministry of the Environment Japan

Present and Future Research on Micro-plastics in Japan - Keiichi Uchida - Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT)

Microplastic Research in the Republic of Korea - Sang Hee Hong, Won Joon Shim - Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology; Korea University of Science

Microplastics in the Coastal Sea Water of Russia - Blinovskaya Yana - Far Eastern Federal University

Korea's Policies Against Microplastic to Protect the Marine Environment - Lee Yoon Jung - Korea Maritime Institute

IETC Technical Work in Countries - Claudia Giacovelli - UNEP IETC

GESAMP Working Groups - n/a - GESAMP

Cooperation on Marine Litter Within the Framework of TEMM - n/a - Ministry of the Environment Japan

FAO Effort on Combating Abandoned, Lost or Otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear (ALDFG) - Joanna Toole - FAO

COBSEA Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia - Jerker Tamelander - COBSEA

Central and Local Government's Efforts in Russian Federation - Sergey Moninets - NOWPAP ML FP of Russia