17 Jul 2018 Story Environmental rights and governance

UN Environment collaborates with Rwanda and Gambia to build capacity for national implementation of global environmental conventions

In March 2018, UN Environment, the Centre for Governance and Sustainability of the University of Massachusetts Boston, and the Governments of Rwanda and Gambia met to find ways of enhancing capacity for national implementation of global environmental conventions and agreed to develop case studies for the two countries interested in serving as hubs for collaboration on national implementation of the Global Environmental Conventions.

Systematic and comparative information about national performance on meeting global environmental goals and obligations is a need expressed my many countries, as this information enables policy makers to articulate clear goals and strategies.

The case studies will be designed to fulfil this need by summarizing key findings on environmental performance and document best practices and challenges for implementation of global environmental conventions and related targets within the Sustainable Development Goals.

National case studies on the implementation of global environmental conventions in Rwanda and Gambia will be developed, with governments reviewing the best practices and challenges that influence the status of implementation of the conventions and their goals.

UN Environment and governments have shown that there is demand for improved reporting, relevant analysis, and capacity building to facilitate implementation. Such opportunities for exchange will certainly be more successful if they are organized by peers and based on strategic learning among governments and stakeholders.

For more information, please contact: Haddy.Guisse[at]un.org.