10 Jul 2019 Story Transport

Share the Road Programme supports policy development in two cities in Mexico

Share the Road programme has collaborated with World Resources Institute (WRI) to support the government of Mexico develop non-motorized transport policies in the cities of Aguascalientes and Oaxaca.


In recent years in Mexico, the interest and importance in establishing sustainable urban mobility solutions has grown for the improvement of existing problems such as poor air quality and congestion, and to mitigate the effects of climate change. Many cities have begun promoting and investing in Non-Motorized Transportation (NMT) as a multi-faceted sustainable solution. Fostering NMT investments and policies are integral as they present numerous benefits for the environment, air quality, road safety and access to basic services.

In Aguascalientes state, the government has been working on various Non-Motorized Transport projects, with the aim of establishing an NMT infrastructure network as well as improving the connectivity and accessibility with other public transport modes through NMT to promote intermodality. Additionally, they have recognized the importance that design plays when establishing new mobility interventions, to provide safe roads for all users.


In Oaxaca, the government has been working on various Non-Motorized Transport projects, with the aim of improving the accessibility and connectivity throughout the city through the establishment of new NMT routes that connect various attraction points and public spaces.

As a first step, an assessment on the current situation of urban mobility in general was made, followed by the specific situation regarding Non-Motorized Transportation in both cities. A two-day workshop was also held where the participants performed a series of activities in order to identify the necessary actions needed to generate a city vision with the respective actions to develop the NMT Plan for both cities.