01 Jan 1970 Story Transport

A Safe & Healthy Journey to School for Every Child

A new Global Initiative for Child Health & Mobility has been launched by the FIA Foundation to promote action on road traffic crashes and air pollution, two leading causes of death, serious injury and chronic illness for children across the world. 

The Global Initiative for Child Health & Mobility is a coalition of organisations and agencies (UNICEF, Save the Children, UNEP, the World Resources Institute, the Overseas Development Institute and the FIA Foundation) coming together to advocate and work towards a vision that, by 2030, every child should enjoy a safe and healthy journey to school. 

The initiative was launched on 7th June 2016 at an event held at ODI in London, with key note speakers including road safety advocate Zoleka Mandela; ODI Executive Director Kevin Watkins; the Chairman of the FIA Foundation, Lord Robertson; and Head of the UNEP Transport Unit, Rob Jong. 

With at least 500 children killed every day on the world’s roads, thousands more injured in road traf c crashes and millions suffering from chronic respiratory illness, a signi cant proportion of which can be attributed to motor vehicles, there is a clear need to make safe and sustainable mobility a priority policy issue. 

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