06 Apr 2018 Story Cities and lifestyles

#FridayFact: The world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle has opened!

Do we really need all the plastic wrapped around the things we buy?

The Ekoplaza store in Amsterdam has decided that we don’t. Shoppers there can now choose from 700 products – including fruit and vegetables - in the world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle. The plastic has been replaced with glass, metal or cardboard that can be recycled, or biofilm that can be composted. The move will be extended to all 74 Ekoplaza branches by the end of the year.

Concern about single-use plastics is growing. Last month, around twenty-five UK shoppers organised a ‘plastic attack’ to oppose excessive grocery packaging. Trolleys full of discarded plastic were left at the till for their supermarket to deal with.

More than one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute, and the material is rising through the food chain onto our dinner plates.

Let’s make sights like this a thing of the past Ekoplaza shows the future can be free of single-use plastics

In response, the theme to the 2018 edition of World Environment Day is ending single-use plastics. More than 40 governments, as well as citizens and businesses are making pledges to help turn the tide, from banning plastic bags and microbeads to refusing straws and organising clean-ups.

Find out more on what you can do in response to the plastic challenge here. Watch a teaser video for UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign here.

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