30 Oct 2018 Blogpost Environmental rights and governance

Law and climate change toolkit to aid in developing an agricultural module

The agriculture sector - considered by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations to include crops and livestock, forestry, fisheries and land use—is one of the largest contributors to, and one of the sectors most affected by, climate change. UN Environment held a meeting with the Food and Agricultural Organization and other stakeholders from the agricultural, fisheries, and forestry sectors in Rome, Italy, on July 2018, to develop a draft of a legal classification scheme for the agriculture module of the law and climate change toolkit.

The Food and Agricultural Organization will take the lead in developing the module on agriculture and convene meetings of experts, whereas UN Environment and the Climate Change secretariat will assist in general matters relating to the toolkit’s development, including issues relating to the sources of laws to be uploaded on the toolkit, as well as shared lessons and best practices.

For more information, please contact Maria.Manguiat[at]un.org / Arnold.Kreilhuber[at]un.org