15 Nov 2017 Blogpost Environmental rights and governance

Ban lead in paint week

800,000 people a year die in developing countries due to exposure to lead, a widely used metal which is harmful to human health and the environment. No level of lead exposure is safe: its neurological and behavioral effects are irreversible. Children are especially at risk - every year, around 600,000 children develop intellectual disabilities from lead poisoning.

The elimination of leaded petrol worldwide has prevented 1.2 million adult premature deaths per year. Now, our focus is on eliminating lead in paint. The Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint – led by UN Environment and the World Health Organization – has set a target for all governments to ban lead in paint by 2020.

How can you take part in the campaign and help #BanLeadPaint?

CHOOSE  to use lead-free paint. Pledge online now and contribute to a cleaner world:

PROMOTE #BanLeadPaint on social media and tag UN Environment so we can share your post. You’ll find a social media pack that you can use, including images and posts at: here

DISCOVER the dangers of lead exposure. Check out our infographic:

LEARN MORE about global efforts to eliminate lead in paint and the status of legal limits worldwide by reading our report or visiting the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint Website

WATCH our videos:
Lead in Paint: Spotlight Cameroon

Lead in Paint: Spotlight Kenya

ENCOURAGE governments, businesses and civil society organizations within your network to make a voluntary commitment to eliminate lead paint: