30 Nov 2017 Blogpost Transport

Argentina and UN Environment work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector

Argentina has adopted a resolution on Energy Efficiency for the labeling of light duty vehicles that requires fuel consumption to be declared for each new vehicle model starting from 2018, an Energy Efficiency vehicle label will then be developed and applied from 2019.  (Resolution 797-E / 2017).

This is a result of a joint project between the United Nations Environment Programme and the Ministry of Environment and Development of Argentina to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle fleet with the support of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI)

The project supports the implementation of Argentina’s National Determined Contributions (NDC) for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as ratified in 2016 in the Paris Agreement. International experience recognizes efficient energy use as the most effective measure, in the short and medium term, to achieve significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and other greenhouse gases.