Global dialogue with the private sector on technology solutions for holistic waste management

IETC will host the Global Dialogue with the private sector for technology solutions for holistic waste management in collaboration with Osaka City and Global Environment Center Foundation on 21-23 May 2019.

The Global Private Sector Dialogue will showcase technological solutions for waste management, provide a global platform to share and learn about state of the art environmentally sound technologies related to different waste streams, promote a synergy of ideas and business opportunities in addressing global environmental challenges with focus on holistic waste management, and overall provide inputs in the lead up to G20 Ministerial Meeting and Summit in Osaka, Japan.

We welcome CEOs and representatives from the private sector, policy makers from national and city level governments, representatives of civil society and academia and partners from international and relevant development agencies to to join this Global Dialogue.  


For further information, please contact

Mr. Mahesh Pradhan or Ms. Qing Xu

E-mail: Mahesh.Pradhan[at] or Qing.Xu[at]