23 May 2019 Story Chemicals & waste

Global dialogue with the private sector on technology solutions for holistic waste management

IETC convened a Global Dialogue with the Private Sector: Technology Solutions for Holistic Waste Management, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, Osaka City and the Global Environment Centre Foundation, 21-23 May 2019. Over 250 participants joined the Symposium on Plastic Waste Problems, which culminated in a message for the upcoming G20 Summit in Osaka. The Global Dialogue focused around four priority themes:  Plastics and Marine Litter; eWastes and Hazardous Waste; Waste to Energy (Thermal); and Holistic Waste Management, and comprised of both Closed as well as Open (Public) sessions. Partnership pledges were signed with 5 companies/institutions (Kaneka Corporation, Sunpower Corp., Osaka City, SUS Environment, Green Technology Bank), which will enhance IETC’s delivery with/through the Private Sector.  The Global Dialogue was preceded by the eleventh meeting of the International Advisory Board of IETC, which reviewed the outline for the Global Waste Management Outlook II, slated for publication in the second quarter of 2020.

Vice Minister of Environment, Japan, addressing the participants
Group Photo
Key Speakers (Vice Minister, Foreign Affairs, Japan; Vice Minister, Environment, Japan; Osaka City Vice Mayor; Former Minister of Environment, Egypt, etc.) with IETC Organizers