Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)

The Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) was established to guide the assessment process and to ensure scientific credibility and overall quality and integrity of GEO-6. The Panel was selected through the nomination and engagement process and will comprise three experts from each UNEP region and up to six global experts. The SAP is supported by the UNEP Chief Scientist’s Office.

Key roles and responsibilities (Terms of Reference):

  • Provide scientific leadership and guidance to the assessment process and ensure scientific credibility and overall quality of all sixth Global Environment Outlook process;
  • Ensure that mandates, scope and process are fully realised within the implementation plan;
  • Provide guidance on ensuring that the process for conducting assessments and consultations is credible, systematic and objective;
  • Review, inform and monitor adherence on standards and guidelines for use of source materials;
  • Advise on the process of ensuring a comprehensive scientific and expert review;
  • Select Review Editors for the Global and Regional Assessments in close consultation with the Secretariat inter alia the Chief Scientist’s Office, and coordinating lead authors;
  • Advise on dealing with data and information credibility, grey literature including local, traditional and indigenous knowledge;
  • In cases of uncertainty and/or contentious science related issues as raised by the Coordinating Lead Authors, Community of Practice Moderators, government participants, the Global Environment Outlook Secretariat or expert reviewers, the Scientific Advisory Panel will make the final determination;
  • Conduct periodic internal evaluations of the sixth Global Environment Outlook assessment with respect to adherence to scientific guidelines, appropriate conduct of experts; methodology and content;
  • Actively participate in the Global Environment Outlook Communities of Practice and on-line discussions amongst Scientific Advisory Panel members and attend the Scientific Advisory Panel meetings;
  • Read, review and endorse the scientific credibility of the final sixth Global Environment Outlook report; and
  • Where necessary, the Scientific Advisory Panel will provide recommendations to the Secretariat and coordinating lead authors on ways to improve both methodology and content (in consultation with the Assessment Methodologies, Data and Information Working Group).

Scientific Advisory Panel Members:

  1. Prof. Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto - Brazil
  2. Prof. Odeh Al-Jayyousi - Jordan
  3. Dr. Byung-Kook Lee - Republic of Korea
  4. Dr. Carlos Afonso Nobre - Brazil
  5. Dr. Danling Tang - China
  6. Dr. Nicholas King (chair) - South Africa
  7. Prof. Sarah Green (chair) - United States of America
  8. Dr. Asma Abahussain - Bahrain
  9. Prof. Ahmed Khater - Egypt
  10. Prof. Alastair Charles Lewis - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  11. Dr. Maria del Mar Viana Rodriguez (vice-chair) - Spain
  12. Dr. Franklyn Lisk - Sierra Leone
  13. Dr. Paolo Laj - France
  14. Prof. Rosina M. Bierbaum - United States of America
  15. Dr. Toral Patel-Weynand - United States of America
  16. Prof. Naohiro Yoshida - Japan
  17. Prof. Enrico Giovannini - Italy
  18. Prof. Anand Patwardhan - India
  19. Prof. N.H. Ravindranath (vice-chair) - India
  20. Prof. Wedelin Stark - Swizerland
  21. Prof. John B.R. Agard - Trinidad and Tobago
  22. Dr. Torkil Jønch Clausen - Denmark