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The Africa ChemsObs project aims at developing an integrated guidance to build capacity necessary to set up an integrated health and environment observatory surveillance and information management system that will enable African countries to establish evidence based policies and make sustainable decisions on sound management of chemicals and related disease burdens. It addresses in particular, the necessary improvements to be made in the fields of awareness, knowledge, information management and communication on chemicals to support and provide an enabling framework for measures and actions to be taken

Description of activities

In-depth situation analysis on the status of the implementation of these MEAS and voluntary instruments will be carried out to identify bottlenecks and challenges hampering their proper implementation. Based on this evidence, monitoring tools will be developed and integrated into the ChemObs Standard Operating Procedures. Databases and knowledge built under the implementation process of the relevant MEAs will be reviewed. Consultancy contract will be developed and expertise from the national focal persons and representative of the secretariats of the MEAs, WHO, UNEP and other key partners will be needed to agree on the principle of integrated monitoring of the implementations of the MEAs. Joint monitoring and evaluation tools will be developed and agreed. The extent to which MEAs are being applied into domestic legislation will be assessed. Countries will be supported to set up a legal and policy review of domestic legislations to understand how much international agreements have been received by national instruments. Where gaps in national policy or law will be identified, capacity building exercises for legislators-policy makers and judges will be proposed in order to for them to appraise the content and importance of MEAs.

The project will develop and test an integrated health and environment observatory surveillance and information management system. The system will assess and rank potential regulatory and investment interventions. Priority interventions will be funded in the second half of the project.

Regional initiatives.

The project “Integrated health and environment observatories promoting legal and institutional strengthening for the sound management of chemicals in Africa – African ChemObs” aims to:

  • Enable countries to meet their reporting obligations under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, and thus Sustainable Development Goal 12.4.1
  • Promote evidence based policy making
  • Increase investment on chemical and waste infrastructure



In Chemicals & waste