Surveillance de la qualité de l'eau

The Global Environment Monitoring System for freshwater (GEMS/Water) provides the worldGEMS/Water logo community with sound data on fresh water quality to support scientific assessments and decision-making on the subject.

Surface and ground water quality monitoring data collected from the global GEMS/Water monitoring network is shared through the GEMStat information system.

GEMS/Water supports the Sustainable Development Goal for Water (SDG 6) with methodology support, data management, quality assurance, indicator calculation and capacity development.

GEMS/Water was established in 1978 to collect world-wide water quality data for assessments of status and trends in global inland water quality. In 2014, after more than 30 years of being successfully operated by the Department of the Environment of Canada, the GEMS/Water mandate was renewed and strengthened by the first universal United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA). With new donors the Programme was restructured into its current form.


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Notre travail

Nous fournissons à la communauté mondiale des données fiables sur la qualité de l'eau douce pour soutenir les évaluations scientifiques et la prise de décision. Notre travail se divise en trois catégories :


GEMS/Water Data Centre | Federal Institute of Hydrology |Mr. Philipp Saile | Head of GEMS/Water Data Centre | e-mail:  saile[at]

GEMS/Water Capacity Development Centre | Environmental Research Institute | Ms. Deborah Chapman | Centre Director | e-mail: d.chapman[at]


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Nous contacter

For general information please contact: gemswater[at]

GEMS/Water Global Programme Coordination Unit | Science Division | UN Environment | P.O. Box 30552 | Nairobi 00100 | Kenya