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The Share the Road Programme supports governments and other stakeholders in developing countries to move away from prioritizing the car-driving minority, towards investing in infrastructure for the majority: those who walk and cycle.

No matter where you live or how you travel, everyone begins and ends each trip as a pedestrian. In cities across the world, many people rely almost exclusively on walking and cycling to get where they need to go. But increasing the road space for cars continues to be a priority for investors and governments alike.

Our work includes developing relevant tools, providing in-country support, and advocating for non-motorized transport at the global level. All of our work falls under the global agenda on sustainable transport, particularly with regard to road safety, the environment and accessibility.

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Nos projets

We are active in communities and cities around the world, partnering with local and national governments, businesses, universities, civil society groups, and other stakeholders. Explore these country profiles to find out what we’re doing on the ground:


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Peu importe où vous vivez ou comment vous voyagez, tout le monde commence et termine chaque voyage en tant que piéton. En savoir plus

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