Encourager l'innovation et de meilleures pratiques commerciales

We encourage businesses to improve their resource efficiency and adopt sustainable practices along the value chain.

Green and circular economy

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy supports nations and regions in reframing economic policies and practices around sustainability to foster economic growth, create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and strengthen the ecological foundations of their economies.

UN Environment works with small and medium-sized companies to promote the adoption of sustainable business practices and eco-innovation.

Technology and innovation

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Oil and Gas Methane Partnership targets methane emissions, which are 84 times more potent as warming gases than CO2. Member companies, including Eni and Total, now report on performance. Collectively, these companies reduced methane emissions by 14,000 tonnes in 2015, equivalent to taking 74,000 cars off the road for a year. Watch a video explainer here.

UN Environment worked with partners in Indonesia to introduce technology that removes mercury vapour created during gold ore processing and condenses it for reuse – protecting health and saving resources. The project reduced mercury emissions by 3,000 kilogrammes in one year.