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UN Environment Chemicals and Health Branch is leading UN Environment’s activities on chemicals and waste. The Branch is the main catalytic force in the UN system for concerted global action on the environmentally sound management of chemicals and waste. As such, its programme of work reflects global priorities identified by Governments and other stakeholders, including addressing Emerging Policy Issues.

The Chemicals and Health Branch supports a range of projects, including: Lead paint, Chemicals in products, Environmental persistent pharmaceutical pollutants, Endocrine disrupting chemicals, Highly hazardous pesticides, Sustainable chemistry and Lead and cadmium.

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Protégez nos enfants, interdisez la peinture au plomb

A new killer has been agonizing society, robbing it of vibrant children and often leaving families devastated and desperate for help. The killer is Lead. Chemicals and waste play critical roles in today’s society and…

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Bâtir une capacité à moyen et long termes

Le service des produits chimiques et de la santé appuie une série de projets axés sur les produits chimiques et les actions prioritaires. Ces projets comprennent :


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