Renforcement des capacités

We train key stakeholders in how to make the best use of the Cartagena Protocol’s Biosafety Clearing House to exchange information on the safe use of modern biotechnology.

The UNEP-GEF project entitled “Building Capacity for Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH) of the Cartagena Protocol” was established to assist Parties of the CPB, and 139 countries are eligible for funding under this project.

The BCH Capacity Building Project aims:

  • To strengthen capacity in eligible countries through training of key stakeholders. The training will cover: Data entry and management; Identification and access to information required for decision- making under the Protocol; Access to, and registration of, information in the BCH;
  • To create an enabling environment for Parties to meet their obligations for implementation of the Protocol by providing participating countries with computer hardware and software for data storage and exchange (with the BCH) over the Internet and by other means;
  • To support further capacity building through the development and dissemination of an interactive computer-based training package.

BCH Regional Advisors are also available to assist in the design and development of the national participation in the BCH. There are currently 22 Regional Advisors around the world available to assist countries in the BCH.